SMITHVILLE Middle School

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Smithville Middle School Clubs

The clubs listed below are being offered at the Middle School this year.  If you are interested in joining any, please contact the sponsor listed below! 
A'Capella Choir Club - Contact Angie Viebrock -

Animal Shelter Club - Contact Megan Heffley -

Beatles Club - Contact Steve Tyrer -

BeyBlade Club - Contact Jessica Schirmer -

Book Battle 
- Contact Lisa Guess -

Character Club - Contact Aron Hellner -

- Contact Anna Hewitt -

French Club - Contact Jennifer Lee -

Movie Club - Contact Tierney Cherise -

Track - Contact Adam Roske - or Jessica Schirmer -

6th StuCo - Contact Leah DeYoung - 
7th Stuco - Contact Sarah Cline 
8th StuCo - Contact Dave Kratofil