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Being Bullied? Observed Someone Else Being Bullied?

How to report instances of bullying at Smithville Middle School

Many people who are bullied don't feel comfortable telling an adult at school what is happening.  They fear that the bully will retaliate; some are too ashamed to admit the truth, and others do not want to be a snitch.  However, reporting bullying is one of the most important (and courageous!) things you can do to make bullying stop.

When you tell school officials about a bullying situation, not only do you help yourself, but you also help other students who are in need.  If you are not willing to talk to a teacher for yourself, try doing it for someone else.  Instead of “telling on” the bully, you might express concern for the person being targeted.  Despite what some may say about being a “snitch”, alerting a teacher, counselor, or principal is not an act of cowardice; it is an act of bravery.

At Smithville Middle School, there are a few different ways to report bullying.  No matter which way you choose to report bullying, the important thing is that school officials are made aware of the problem so that something can be done about it.

One way that a student may make a report is by filling out an online Bullying Report Form.




Step 1:  Go to Smithville School District Homepage

Step 2:  Go to Smithville Middle School

Step 3:  Go to Counseling

Step 4:  Click “here” for the website

Step 5:  Go to Students at the top

Step 6: Click on Confidential Bullying Report


These reports can be made anonymously.  

Another way you can report bullying is by talking with a teacher, counselor, or principal.

Once a report is made, the counselors and principals will decide on a course of action.  After the first report, if the bullying has not stopped, it is very important to continue reporting the problem.

Again, the most important thing about reporting is that the school officials (teachers, counselors, principals) are made aware of the problem.  We can’t help unless we know it is happening.